If a steam amount greater than 560 kg/h is required, or if an almost 100% supply reliability of steam is required through redundancy, we recommend a multiple unit steam system. To do this, several steam boilers are set up in parallel and use a common water supply and a common blow down vessel. When compared with larger steam boilers, multiple unit steam systems are thoroughly competitive. Would you like an individualised sample calculation? Request one here.

  • For larger steam demands - and still cost-efficient
  • Expandable steam output; the system grows with your needs
  • Supply safety through redundant steam boilers
  • Demand-oriented steam supply for fluctuating steam consumption
  • An unlimited number of connected JUMAG steam boilers is possible
  • Capacity is adjusted to demand via a boiler sequence circuit
  • Multiple unit systems also do not require approval and monitoring

How it works

  • For multiple unit systems, several steam boilers are set up in parallel.
  • The control of the steam boilers can be set on demand.
  • Only the capacity that is currently needed is being provided.
  • To achieve an even use of the steam boilers, the priorities are regularly re-assigned.


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