Steam treatment

Jumag steam boilers work serially with an adjustable steam pressure range of 6-11 barÜ. For working pressures between 0.3 – 8 barÜ or to keep the working pressure constant (while the steam boiler has a higher pressure), pressure reducers are used. They are installed in the steam pipe between the steam boiler and the steam consumer. The pressure reduction stations from Jumag are also available in stainless steel.

The pressure reduction station type DMS-PRO ready for installation for professional and reliable applications consists of a shut-off valve, a steam dryer with attached condensate drain module, the pressure reducer, a manometer for the output pressure and an optional relief valve.

It is recommended to place a bypass line on the installation side so that the required pressure, for example, can be set quickly via a needle valve for maintenance work on the pressure reducer.

Pressure reduction station with auxiliary energy

The pressure reduction station with auxiliary energy compensates for large and quick pressure changes of the reduction line with quick reaction. A pneumatically controlled main valve can adjust the position of the valve smoothly on demand.

How it works

  • The pressure reduction valve [1] starts to open once the boiler pressure reaches the starting pressure (p1).
  • With rising boiler pressure, the valve continues to open until the max. opening pressure (p2) is reached. When the max. opening pressure (p2) is reached, the pressure reducer must open the release fully. Between the two pressures, the pressure reducer opens and closes linearly.
  • The preliminary pressure may take on a higher pressure than p2. This pre-pressure control of pressures p1 and p2 prevents over-tearing of the boiler at strongly fluctuating consumption.
  • The pressure reducer controls the underpressure to a target pressure set in advance (p3). A pressure sensor [2] downstream of the pressure reducer records the underpressure. If, for example, the underpressure as compared to the target pressure reduces, the pressure reducer opens.
  • When the underpressure nears the target pressure again, the pressure reducer closes. When no steam is needed anymore, the pressure reducer closes entirely.
  • To protect the consumers, a relief valve [3] can be installed downstream of the pressure reducer.


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