System control can be mirrored to released end units in the customer network as well as through the internet and operated this way. Mobile end units are also possible (for Schneider controls). A suitable interface must be provided for connection to the operator's network or the internet.

The advantages for you

  • The operator and released users can access the control via the internet and both view or change process values (with Proface controls, not on mobile devices)
  • The connection can be established via WLAN, LAN or mobile phone
  • The JUMAG Connect remote connection uses state-of-the-art encryption standards to ensure data safety (USB hardware keys)
  • JUMAG customer service can access the system directly for troubleshooting
  • Programme updates can be easily installed by JUMAG
  • Simple setup
  • Connection to email function possible (as of 2nd half of 2018)
  • High level of data safety as there is no external access to the operator's network


Remote WLAN Client

Remote 3G/4G Modem


  • The operator notifies JUMAG of the planned connection type (WLAN, mobile phone, LAN)
  • The hardware is prepared by JUMAG for network access (additional switch and modem)
  • JUMAG has cleared the control for network access.
  • The operator connects the modem to the internet
    (WLAN, LAN or on-site mobile phone contract with good reception)
  • The operator installs and configures the Viewer Software
  • The Viewer Software is free of charge for the Schneider control; it is subject to a fee for Proface controls
  • For mobile devices (possible only for Schneider controls), a Viewer licence must be purchased for approx. €30 (one licence is free of charge)

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