Oil/gas/electric steam boilers

You could purchase a different steam boiler.

But then it wouldn't be a JUMAG.

The steam boiler with a difference

What distinguishes a JUMAG from other steam boilers?

JUMAG steam boilers are in a class of their own. They combine the benefits of a large capacity steam boiler with those of a steam generator. Compared to other steam generators with a water tube boiler principle, JUMAG steam boilers do not require a pipe coil and piston pump. This makes them extremely low maintenance. They are also ideal in terms of energy efficiency: Efficiencies of more than 100% are possible.

Every JUMAG steam boiler is developed and manufactured in Germany. Steam output ranges from 100 to 1060 kg/h. For steam systems, it can reach up to 4000 kg/h. JUMAG steam boilers are fired with oil or gas or operated electrically.

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The benefits of JUMAG

As a medium-sized, owner-operated company with over 40 years of experience and several patents, we consider ourselves the industry leader in technology and innovation. How do you benefit from this?

Industry expertise

JUMAG steam boilers are used wherever steam is used for heating, cleaning, sterilising and moulding, or for enabling chemical processes:

  • Beverage production: Breweries, malting plants, distilleries, winegrowers, beverage bottling plants
  • Textile: Textile industry and textile finishing, laundries, textile care, dry cleaners
  • Medical technology, hospitals
  • Food industry: Dairies, bakeries and malting plants, delicatessens and butcher shops, the feed industry
  • Construction and road construction: Concrete construction and gravel plants, wood panel and chipboard production, road and sewer restoration
  • Automotive: Vulcanisation
  • Building technology: Room and climate control technology
  • Others such as the chemical industry, drying plants, moulding technology, the cosmetic industry and much more.

Operational reliability

JUMAG steam boilers break the mould without breaking down. Thanks to decades of experience and the high quality of our plant components, our steam boilers offer outstanding availability, user-friendliness and safety.

All-round service

In order to ensure cost-effective and reliable operation in your company, we not only service the steam boilers ourselves, but all the components of your steam system as well.

Highest quality standards

We set high quality standards for ourselves and our partners. Components from established and reputable manufacturers, comprehensive product tests and plenty of experience make JUMAG steam boilers the most reliable on the market.

Individualised solutions

Individualised solutions in terms of dimensioning, features and system control: We work together with you to identify potential savings and customise the steam systems as needed to suit your on-site conditions and processes.

Competent consultation

As a customer, you benefit from our professional on-site consultation. The focus of our decentralised technical sales is not only on designing the steam system but also on optimising the overall costs for your company.



This overview shows the interaction between the individual components of a steam system. Select the corresponding installation flow chart and click on the blue icons for more information.



This overview shows the interaction between the individual components of a steam system. Select the corresponding installation flow chart and click on the blue icons for more information.

About us

For more than 40 years, we have been developing, producing and selling oil and gas-fired steam boilers.

JUMAG steam systems represent efficiency and user-friendliness.


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