Water treatment

The feed water container serves to supply feed water. In the feed water container, the feed water for thermal degassing is heated and the dosed solutions are added.

The volume of the feed water container should be at least 50% of the installed steam output per hour. This is important in order to give the water enough dwell time for degassing and binding to the dosed solutions, among other things.

For uneven condensate return flow or high volume of the steam system, the volume of the feed water container should be accordingly higher.

Advantages of the JUMAG feed water container

  • Condensate is introduced below the water surface to reduce noise
  • Energy savings of up to 2 kW are achieved because of the integrated heat exchanger
  • all connections are on one of the front sides and below the tank
  • highly flexible installation
  • Energy savings from condensate return flow below the water surface
  • Energy savings from integrated relaxation steam heat exchanger
  • Savings of dosed solutions due to higher feed water temperature
  • Very flexible placement options
  • Optimal connection to the steam boiler

How it works

Runs quietly and saves energy: The JUMAG condensate return
In conventional feed water containers, the condensate is most often returned above the water surface. The condensate evaporates and the hot water flows into the feed water container. The developing steam (relaxation steam), however, dissipates unused by ventilating the feed water container. As a result, part of the energy contained in the condensate is lost, which may be up to 14% of the entire steam output (at 100% condensate return flow at 180°C).

For the JUMAG feed water containers, the condensate is introduced below the water surface – and quietly due to an integrated silencer. This allows the condensate energy to be utilised fully. This is because the re-evaporation energy is used to pre-heat the feed water. The energy savings can amount to 6.5% of the steam output or 26 kW in a DG560 steam boiler (at 50% condensate return flow at 180°C)!

The integrated heat exchanger
In all JUMAG feed water containers, heat exchangers are integrated to pre-heat the feed water using the developing relaxation steam. Thus, the relaxation steam energy is used and the fresh freed water is pre-heated and thus partially degassed. Depending on the operating conditions, energy savings of 1 kW to 2 kW can be achieved per connected steam boiler.

The flexibility of the connections
In contrast to the feed water containers of other providers, JUMAG feed water containers have all connections on one front side and below the vessel. This way, the vessels can be directly attached below the room's ceiling or in a corner. All feed water containers can also be attached to the wall with the corresponding adapter. Below the feed water containers, there is space for the softening plant, the blow down vessel and the dosage pump. This makes the installation of JUMAG feed water containers highly flexible.

Communication with the steam boiler
The JUMAG feed water containers are controlled via the Control of the steam boiler. The parameters for steam pre-heating and refilling are thus optimised to the current load case. When steam consumption is temporarily high, the steam consumers have first priority. Accordingly, feed water pre-heating is controlled with second priority to avoid unnecessary loads on the steam pressure. Cold fresh water would also only be filled in when the water level undercuts the level of the lower floater. This will prevent the water from being cooled further. The target is maintaining the full steam pressure for the consumers.

For multiple units, the feed water container is connected to all steam boilers with a simple Ethernet cable (plug & steam).


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