Water treatment

A dosage pump is important for the targeted admixture of steam-volatile or non-steam volatile correction fluid into the boiler feed water for binding oxygen hardness and residual hardness, for avoiding or reducing deposits and for reducing corrosion in the boiler area, and with steam volatile dosed solutions to protect the steel steam and condensate pipes as well.

How it works

The dosage pump consists of:

  • Adjustable dosage pump with wall bracket
  • Suction lancet including lock for a 30 kg canister
  • Injection valve ½“ (temp.-resistant non-return valve)
  • Injection line, (transparent pressure lines) 2.5 m long

For the following dosed solutions:

  • dosed solution, steam-volatile, DF-50. Not suitable for the food industry
  • Dosed solution not steam-volatile, NDF-85, approved for use in the food industry

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