Steam treatment

When producing steam, a part of the boiler water is usually carried along in the steam in any steam boiler. Water also arises in the piping due to condensation – also called section condensate. This water entrained by the steam can cause damage in the piping and is often harmful in the steam consumers.

Therefore, good water separation in the steam ("Drying of the steam") often is necessary for durability of the system and quality of the process.

Steam dryer design types

  • Baffle plate steam dryers
    • Steam hits a plate
    • Water is pressed down towards the condensate drain via guide ribs
    • The steam flows past the plate following the steam pipe
  • Cyclone steam dryer: The water is pressed outwards by circulation and drains downwards - the steam is discharged centrally.

How it works

  • The tangential introduction of the water-steam mixture keeps the speed of entrained water droplets high.
  • Small water droplets are also separated by the centrifugal force.
  • The pressure loss in the steam is very low.
  • In the upper area of the steam dryer, the steam speed is extremely reduced due to the large cross-section.
  • Drops entrained until this point drop downwards again.
  • The steam dryer works efficiently even at low steam volumes.
  • The lower area of the steam dryer has a large volume.
  • Larger volumes of entrained water are caught easily.
  • The separated water is far from the steam outlet, so that it cannot be entrained again.

Technical data of the JUMAG cyclone steam dryer ZYKLON DT

The JUMAG steam dryer Zyklon DT is available in four sizes in steel. Stainless steel designs are available upon request

    DT40 DT65 DT80 DT100
Recommended steam volume at 6 bar kg/h 560 1280 1700 3000
Steam inlet DN 40 65 80 100
  - Fixing screws M16x55 Pcs. 4 8
Steam outlet DN 40 65 80 100
  - Fixing screws M16x55 Pcs. 4 8
Operating pressure bar 13
Test pressure bar 23
Volume Litres 29 67
Height steam dryer mm 1147 1193
  - Condensate pipe connection   Rp1″
  - Drainage pipe connection   R½″
Total height incl. fittings mm 1194 1240
  - Condensate pipe connection   Rp1″
  - Drainage pipe connection   Rp½″
Weight steam dryer kg 40 44 65 67
Total weight incl. fittings kg 48 52 73 75
Cylinder diameter – not insulated mm 219 323



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