Water treatment

The condensate return flow system by JUMAG helps pump the condensate back into the feed water container even from remote locations. It combines the benefits of a JUMAG feed water container, the JUMAG control system and tried-and-tested pump technology.

The advantages for you

  • The JUMAG condensate collection vessel is made of rust-free V4A stainless steel (1.4571).
  • The condensate is introduced below the water surface. This allows the condensate in the vessel to maintain its temperature.
  • Quiet operation as patented JUMAG silencers minimise the sound pressure.
  • The relaxation steams are mostly bound.
  • The fresh water may be added to the condensate collection vessel, and the energy of possible relaxation steams can be used for pre-heating of the fresh water and pre-degassing.
  • Insulated vessel, resulting in minimal energy loss
  • The vessel is available in different heights - the pump unit can be placed below or next to the vessel.

How it works

Condensate cannot always be routed directly into the feed water tank with a natural drop – for example in long, branched condensate pipes or with level steam systems that are operated at low pressure.

The JUMAG condensate return system (condensate lifting unit) collects the condensate at a low point and pumps it into the feed water container of the steam boiler. The condensate return system consists of a depressurised vessel, which can ideally buffer 20-30 minutes of the maximum condensate formation, and two redundant, high-quality circulation pumps that can be serviced simply and independently of one another.

The pump unit is installed ready for connection on a console and can be installed below or next to the condensate collection vessel depending on spatial situation. Alternatively, the pump unit is also available with a single pump.

The control is exceptionally powerful:

  • The control notices a pump failure independently and will automatically activate the other pump. A fault message is optionally displayed on the boiler control.
  • Connection to building control centres is possible optionally.

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